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Content Creation B.V. Content Creation B.V. has been facilitating companies for more than 25 years in the effective production and distribution of digital training, instructions and e-learning for the food industry, logistics sector, healthcare and government, among others. 

Ons team

The quality of your film, gate instruction or e-learning application is guaranteed both in terms of content and technology by a professional team, consisting of an advisor/project leader, script writer, producer, camera crew, illustrator, 3D animator, voice-over, graphic designer, video editor and a web programmer.​ We use the most modern equipment and software in the field of film productions and training applications.

Our method

Your wishes and objectives are central when making a film, gate instruction or e-learning. Based on this information and the available budget, you will receive a quote that clearly and specifically states what you can expect from us.  After your approval, a team of specialists will start working on your assignment.

We provide a script and storyboard. Thanks to our extensive experience and affinity with a wide range of topics, we can relieve your organization as much as possible. The required camera work and direction usually requires no more than 1 filming day.

In our professional editing studio we then edit the images, any animations, illustrations, voice-over and music into a suitable whole. After the draft version, there is still plenty of room to process your feedback and suggestions.

You do not rent filming days or editing days from us. We simply ensure that you are satisfied with the end result. We archive your project digitally for a year at no cost. Useful if you want to change something later.

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