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Custom films

Do you want to train or instruct your employees regularly and effectively on a specific subject? Then an instructional film is a great choice for your organization. We translate your message into clear language, moving images, effective illustrations, a pleasant voice-over and appropriate background music.

Solution for

  • Business rules;

  • Operating instructions;

  • Maintenance instructions;

  • Safety instructions;

  • Quality instructions;

  • Hygiene instructions;

  • Infection prevention instructions

  • ARBO rules.


  • Film in another language;

  • A knowledge test, either written, digital or as content for your Learning Management System (LMS);

  • Use your film as part of an online gate instruction developed by us

  • A menu for the different chapters of the film;

  • The ability to integrate the film into your Learning Management System (LMS)

  • The possibility to process your film in an E-learning application. This way you combine watching, learning, testing and recording in 1 program.

Immediate results

  • The speed of the learning process;

  • A clear message;

  • High quality of your message;

  • The impact of your message.

Our method

  • Quotation

  • Script

  • Script

  • Film days

  • Edit

  • Animations

  • Voiceover

  • Music

  • Feedback

  • Processing feedback

  • Test questions

  • Create e-learning

  • Deliver

  • Archiving

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