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E-learning - Corona safety instructions

An e-learning for employees in the food industry about safety instructions and prevention of the spread of the corona virus.


You can use this 5-minute e-learning to instruct and inform visitors and employees about the measures you as a company or institution have taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Not all instructions are the same for all companies. We present a number of your measures specifically for you in this film. For example, you can tell us what the minimum distance may be for a number of departments (production, warehouse, office). And you can tell us what the maximum number of people may be in an elevator. We can add other adjustments as options if desired. Please inquire about the possibilities. 


Signing up and registering is very easy. After receiving your order you will receive a link from us. You forward this link to the employees you have selected for this e-learning. With this link your employees can create an account and the e-learning will be ready for them. The certificate will be sent automatically if the score is sufficient. 


How do you as a company deal with the corona measures?

Now that the corona measures have been increasingly relaxed recently, society is slowly starting to get back on track. More and more employees and visitors are returning to the office or production. At the same time, the level of infection appears to be increasing again. A less alert attitude seems to be the cause of this. 


The need to comply with the RIVM guidelines remains high. This requires a well-thought-out approach. facilitates the implementation of the RIVM guidelines with practical tools:


A clear 5-minute online animation film that can be used to inform employees and visitors about the measures taken.


Possibly expanded with a visitor registration system to inform and register employees and visitors. This way, employees and visitors can be informed and instructed in advance. A health declaration can be part of this. In the event of an outbreak, it can be made clear who was present at what time. 


The e-learning is delivered by email through a link delivered. 

The indicated rate applies per employee.

E-learning - Corona safety instructions

  • The e-learning is delivered by email through a link delivered. 

    The indicated rate applies per employee.

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