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E-learning - Food safety and hygiene

To support food companies in training company and hygiene rules, has created an e-learning course on hygiene and food safety.


Quality managers know from experience how difficult it is to make and keep employees aware of company and hygiene rules. Yet these rules are necessary for a high-quality and food-safe end product. To support food companies in this, has made a film about hygiene and food safety.


Signing up and registering is very easy. After receiving your order you will receive a link from us. You forward this link to the employees you have selected for this e-learning. With this link your employees can create an account and the e-learning will be ready for them. The certificate will be sent automatically if the score is sufficient. 


This E-learning:

  • clearly displays HACCP and hygiene rules;
  • creates a positive attitude among employees regarding company and hygiene rules;
  • contributes to awareness of food safety risks in the workplace.


The e-learning is suitable as a refresher training for current employees and as basic instruction for new employees, temporary and on-call workers.

The e-learning is also available as part of an online training, in combination with a test, certificate and registration.


Topics covered in the film are:

  • what do we mean by food safety;
  • why food safety;
  • contamination and spoilage by micro-organisms;
  • contamination with foreign parts and substances;
  • metal detection;
  • Hygiene rules;
  • cross-contamination;
  • order and cleanliness;
  • cleaning;
  • check and register.


The e-learning is delivered by email through a link delivered. 

The indicated rate applies per employee.


Some comments from customers:

  • Mr. Geerligs Aviko B.V.: " the film is good and informative, with this film we can also demonstrate to our customers that our employees have a good level".
  • Mr. van Schut Nutricia N.V.: "I think it is a nice and clear instructional film, we use the film in our food safety training".
  • Mr. Kelderman Struik Foods Europe N.V.: "I am very satisfied with the film. I clearly notice an improved attitude from the employees after seeing this film". 


E-learning - Food safety and hygiene

  • The e-learning is delivered by email through a link delivered. 

    The indicated rate applies per employee.

  • Dutch, English, Polish

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